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Having Difficult Conversations | Manager Course

Having Difficult Conversations | Manager Course

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Having difficult conversations is a part of every sales manager’s job, a tough part. Arm yourself with our E-COACHN℠ Model and some tips on who, what, where, when, and how to have these talks. You’ll leave feeling much more confident doing the hard stuff.

Expected results: 

✔ Increased manager confidence
✔ Improved team accountability
✔ Improved team morale

Training materials included:
  • Intro video
  • Interactive eLearning course
  • Quiz and activities to test skill application
  • Downloadable cheat sheets, tools, and templates

How it works:

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 When you log into The Sales Bar, your training course will be there waiting for you
 You have 1 month from your purchase date to complete your course and download your training materials before losing access to The Sales Bar
 It takes 15-30 minutes on average to complete your course

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