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Lead Your Sales Team | Manager 6-Pack

Lead Your Sales Team | Manager 6-Pack

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Ready to dig in and change some lives? This certification is about becoming the team’s all-time favorite coach and the inspiration they need to be high-achieving. We’re going to double down on building amazing 1:1 interactions, deeper connections, and coaching experiences that leave them wanting more.

Expected results:

✔ More consistent team coaching
✔ Increased individual sales call quality and quota attainment
✔ Coaching up (or out) the lower performers
✔ Increased team engagement and retention

Program includes:

  • Welcome to The Sales Bar course
  • 6 interactive online sales training courses
  • Quizzes and activities to test skill application
  • Downloadable cheat sheets, tools, and templates
  • New bi-monthly content (i.e. cheat sheets, videos, call recordings)
  • Lead Your Sales Team Certification

Courses included:

  1. Call Coaching 101
  2. Call Coaching 201
  3. Sales Huddles
  4. Having Difficult Conversations
  5. Expert and Empathetic Listening Skills
  6. Authentic (And Quick!) Rapport Building

How it works:

 After you checkout, you'll receive an email from The Sales Bar (sender is 'Litmos') with your login credentials 
 When you log into The Sales Bar, all of your training courses will be there waiting for you
 You have 6 months from your purchase date to complete all of your courses and download your training materials before losing access to The Sales Bar
 It takes 15-30 minutes to complete each course on average

 You'll also receive new content bi-monthly (i.e. call recordings, new courses, training videos, cheat sheets, etc.) 
 After you complete your required courses with an 80% pass rate, you'll gain access to your digital certification
➤ If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email 


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