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Sales Management Certification

Sales Management Certification

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Go all-in on your management career and show your dedication to ongoing development with a full year of job training, best practices, and high-impact management strategies and tactics. Focus on implementing skills from one class each month and watch your team and your leadership transform!

Expected results: 

✔ More consistent team coaching
✔ Increased team engagement and retention
✔ Better time management, proactivity, and organization
✔ Increased team engagement and morale
✔ Improved meeting efficiency 
✔ Increased manager confidence 
✔ More consistent team performance
✔ Higher percent of team to quota 

Program includes:

  • Welcome to The Sales Bar course
  • 15 interactive online sales training courses
  • Quizzes and activities to test skill application
  • Downloadable cheat sheets, tools, and templates
  • New bi-monthly content (i.e. cheat sheets, videos, call recordings)
  • Sales Management Certification

How it works:

➤ Choose between a monthly or annual subscription
You'll receive 1 new course every other month from the course list below
 It takes 15-30 minutes to complete each course on average

 You'll also receive new content bi-monthly (i.e. call recordings, new courses, training videos, cheat sheets, etc.) 
 After you complete your required courses with an 80% pass rate, you'll gain access to your digital certification
➤ To cancel your subscription, email (please allow up to 7 business days to process cancellations)
➤ Note: We do not issue refunds

Courses included:

  1. Developing Your Team
  2. Your Role As A Sales Leader
  3. Own Your Day
  4. Essential Manager Meetings
  5. The COACHN Model
  6. Call Coaching 101
  7. Call Coaching 201
  8. Driving Performance With Goals
  9. Performance 1 on 1s
  10. Sales Pipeline Foundations
  11. Sales Strategy Meetings
  12. Having Difficult Conversations
  13. Hire Like a Rock Star (BONUS)
  14. Expert and Empathetic Listening Skills (BONUS)
  15. Sales Huddles (BONUS)


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