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SDR/BDR Certification

SDR/BDR Certification

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New to outbound sales? Need a jolt of call confidence to make more dials? Ready to own sales and be top of the class vs. just falling into a job? We’ll help you build new leads, prioritize them, and attack them PLUS dig more opportunity out of each conversation. This is professional full-cycle selling beyond the meeting and into discovery, online meeting management, demos, and closing.

If you’re serious about your new career as an outbound SDR, BDR, or ISR, this is where to start! Is a move to AE on your agenda for the next year? Take this certification to prove you’re ready for the next level and be promoted with confidence!

Expected results: 

 Higher talk time
 Increased meeting close rate
 Higher meeting show rate
 Faster promotion to AE
 Increased confidence
 Better sales conversations
 More deals in pipeline
 Higher close rate

Program includes:

  • Welcome to The Sales Bar course
  • 24 interactive online sales training courses
  • Quizzes and activities to test skill application
  • Downloadable cheat sheets, tools, and templates
  • New bi-monthly content (i.e. cheat sheets, videos, call recordings)
  • SDR/BDR Certification

How it works:

➤ Choose between a monthly or annual subscription
You'll receive 2 new courses each month from the course list below (24 total)
 It takes 15-30 minutes to complete each course on average

 You'll also receive new content bi-monthly (i.e. call recordings, new courses, training videos, cheat sheets, etc.) 
 After you complete your required courses with an 80% pass rate, you'll gain access to your digital certification
➤ To cancel your subscription, email (please allow up to 7 business days to process cancellations)
➤ Note: We do not issue refunds

Courses included:

  1. Planning For Prospecting
  2. SWIIFT℠ Value Statement
  3. SWIIFT℠ Introductions That Work
  4. Messages That Get Returned
  5. Overcoming The Brush-off
  6. Qualify and Categorize
  7. Question Like A Pro
  8. Call Bridging
  9. Business Acumen
  10. Getting Deals Moving
  11. Engaging Your Customers
  12. Transitioning To Close
  13. Authentic (And Quick) Rapport Building
  14. Capture Contacts
  15. Own Your Sales Day
  16. Expert and Empathetic Listening Skills
  17. Uncovering Sales Opportunities
  18. My Role As A Consultative Seller
  19. What Customers Care About
  20. Selling With Stories
  21. Running a Killer Sales Meeting
  22. Demos That Don’t Suck
  23. Closing Confidently
  24. SWIIFT℠ Discovery Dialogue


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