Collection: Rep Certifications

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  • SDR/BDR Certification

    Role: SDR, BDR, ISR 5.0

    Expected results:

    1. Higher talk time
    2. Increased meeting close rate
    3. Higher meeting show rate
    4. Faster promotion to AE
    5. Increased confidence
    6. Better sales conversations
    7. More deals in pipeline
    8. Higher close rate
  • Account Executive Certification

    Role: Account Executive, ISR 4.8

    Expected results:

    1. Higher ARR/order size/deal size
    2. More meetings converting to next stage
    3. Faster pipeline velocity
    4. Higher close rate and revenue
    5. Longer and more engaged customer conversations
    6. Increased net new buyers
    7. More deals in pipeline
    8. Higher conversion rate and more revenue
  • Account Manager Certification

    Role: Account Manager, ISR, CS 4.9

    Expected results:

    1. Spikes in book/base penetration
    2. New contacts added to base
    3. Increased inbound calls
    4. More opportunities in pipeline
    5. Higher conversion rate
    6. Higher ARR/Average order size
    7. Net new revenue
    8. Increased revenue